Boat Maintenance Malta is a young enterprise which has been recently set up and run by a highly energetic and experienced team of people specialised in most of the different exigencies of boat care and maintenance. We are running our own boat yard equipped with all the necessary equipment and the latest state of the art technology including CCTV camera systems interlinked to the internet so that boat owners – having their boats stored at our yard – will have the facility to check on their boat – in real time – from any place around the world.
Boatmaintenance malta is a Boat/ Yacht Maintenance company based in Malta. We have built our business on long term relationships with , Boat dealers and private clients. Boatmaintenance has built it’s reputation on reliability, trust and the pride taken in our work.

Our mission statement is:

“To provide highest quality service and products, establish long-term relationship with our clients and provide boat owners with the best boating experience possible.”

Our goals are:

“To provide the best customer experience possible by providing performance and an efficient service.”

To supply these we have created the following criteria:

-To provide our customers with the best products and services
-To create a long – term relationship with both our suppliers and clients in order to be able to supply the best service for a reasonable price
-To employ and maintain a highly trained work force in order to be responsible for their services
-To equip ourselves with the latest technology in order to provide the best and easiest experience possible and to preserve and protect our environment