Services & Maintenance offered:

Towing, power wash, fibreglass repairs, spray and polishing, all kinds of electrical works and repairs; woodwork and furniture repairs; canvas, upholstery and canopy work; engine servicing, repairs and major overhauls; trailer manufacturing; new propellers and propeller repairs; stainless steel work.

Boat and Caravan Storage

Our yard is located in a central place in Malta (Hal lija) and we make sure it has all the required safety and security features such as 24hrs live camera feeds accessible from anywhere around the world and security alarms.

Boat Cleaning, Polishing and Anti-Fouling

It is very important to the life of your gelcoat and the boat’s general appearance, to buff, polish and wax at least once a year. If this is not done, gelcoat can turn “milky” and be come unserviceable or matchable. We professionally compound, polish and wax by using two speed polishing tools with lambs wool heads and our prices are surprisingly small for such a good end result. buffing and polishing can also identify any areas of previously unforeseen damage, such as stress cracks, but can also remove some small scratches and scuffs in the application. Antifoul is also a must once a year and we regularly apply two coats of fresh antifoul in International, Blakes, Seajet and other types of antifoul to a whole range of boats. These and other types of antifoul are specialist and will require a stand alone estimate, rather than the ready reckoner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We provide FREE inspections to all boats located in Malta and Gozo and surrounding areas and are happy to supply a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance program to suit all budgets and needs.

We specialise in the underwater hull cleaning of boats to assure your boat maintains maximum speed, fuel efficiency, better handling, and no vibrations.


RUNNING GEAR: Clean propellers, shafts, struts, trim tabs, rudders, through hulls, transducers and inspect anodes.
WATERLINE: Clean from top of waterline to the bottom of the bulb.
HULL: Inspected, maintained and cleaned as needed.
Why Clean The Bottom?

The running gear is cleaned because it collects barnacles due to the bottom paint not adhering and reaction of the metal to the paint. Through hull fittings are cleared to prevent engines from overheating and intakes and outlets from becoming clogged with barnacles. The waterline is cleaned because it collects grass and heavy algae each month due to sunlight exposure. The rest of the hull usually does not collect much algae because of the lower amount of sunlight it receives. The small amount of algae that does collect usually cleans itself off when the boat is moving 12 knots or more. We will inspect the hull each time, and if it appears that it will not clean itself, we will clean the hull as well.

MONTHLY CLEANING Customized to your special needs.
FLEET DISCOUNTS We can discuss.
NON-MONTHLY CLEANINGS Quoted by the job or by the hour.

Boat / Yacht / Caravan Storage Yard in Triq il-Mosta, Lija, Malta.


Boat Storage Facility in Triq il-Mosta, Lija, Malta
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The yard has the capacity of storing approximately 100 boats, yachts  and caravans.

Water and electricity is provided to each and every boat.

Security Cameras.

Fire fighting equipment.

Good lighting provision for night time.

Storage yard accessible to clients after hours, on weekdays and public holidays.