Catered for replacements and installations of new Pontoons


pontIMG_20140208_153152 IMG_20140208_153205






IMG_20140208_154226 IMG_20140208_154230





Installed and Maintained Swimming Zones in Malta Goza and Comino 

IMG-20151223-WA0065 IMG-20151223-WA0056 IMG-20151223-WA0067




Major Boat Servicing 


IMG-20151223-WA0030 IMG-20151223-WA0035 IMG-20151223-WA0037 IMG-20151223-WA0038 IMG-20151223-WA0039











IMG-20151223-WA0010 IMG-20151223-WA0016 IMG-20151223-WA0017 IMG-20151223-WA0020 IMG-20151223-WA0022










Recovery of sunken Ships

IMG-20151223-WA0041 IMG-20151223-WA0042IMG-20151223-WA0031





Replaced, Installed and Serviced Buoys

IMG-20151223-WA0026 IMG-20151223-WA0027 IMG-20151223-WA0028





-Installed silt curtains around Malta

IMG_20130806_164901 PICT0066






Engine Assembly and Placement

DSCF1028 DSCF1089 DSCF1090 IMG-20150225-WA0018 IMG-20150225-WA0019









Boat Towing (Various Sizes)

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Boat Storage (Both Indoor or Outdoor)

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-Re- organization of moorings

IMG_20140215_103644 IMG_20140215_103649







-With highly trained divers we have catered various diving work around the island

-Land surveying

Other Services that we also offer are:

-Personnel Transfers services around the Island

-Attending of Vessels around the island

-Signage and Platform Services

-Sails and Motor Repairs

-Deck renovation

-Food, beverage and General Supplies

-Charter Services

-24 Hour Emergency Breakdown Service

-Sale of Used Boats, Parts and Trailers